Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snowflakes and Snowmen!

Though we have not really had any snow here yet! (Not counting the small flurries on Halloween!) I love this program on Better Homes and Garden's website. Makes me want to get decorating!

Snowflake Maker

Very Cute Snowmen made from fondant.
Martha Stewart's No-Melt Snowmen

Maybe I will make these this year for the kids!
Martha Stewart's Snowman Cupcakes

Who could eat a snowman with a face like that?
Martha Stewart's Coconut Snowman

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Favorite Things.....

So I am hoping to use this blog more often as I have been inspired by several others blogs. We will see how it goes!

I am inspired in my crafting, art, decorating, everything by many different things. I would like to think I see the beauty in things that even are not typically 'pretty'. Of course there are all those very pretty things as well. Of course I have a head full of ideas and actually doing any of them are not always possible. Thus the use of this blog to categorize and keep track of the things I love, the things I hate, the things I actually get the chance to do!

Here are a few images that I think speak to my design aesthetic.

Above: A beautiful craft center! Love the light open feeling!
Picture from Pottery Barn.

Above: Dinning Room that is my current inspiration for my own. I recently painted one wall green and another yellow to pick up on the colors in my curtains. I wish I had the moldings all done the same!
Picture from House Beautiful.

Above: Country Kitchen! I actually like the colors in my current kitchen better but I love the usage of the pops of green inside the cabinets.
Picture from House Beautiful.

Above: Oh how I would die to have stairs that were not only painted but had this much character! Somehow this sums up everything I love about decor! Who could not love this? Picture from Country Living.