Saturday, April 25, 2009

Name Today: Beautiful Spring Gardening Day

Today I got to clean up my garden. It is amazing to have a garden that I like and enjoy being in. I hope to make the back yard this as well.

Today was the day Ella Fitzgerald was born. In 1918. She is by far one of my favorite jazz singers.

In honor of Ella Fitzgerald who sang "April in Paris," Here's an April quote:
"Spring has a way of erasing doubt. Violets, come in April, no longer worry that their careers my be over. The grass and the spinster alike toss aside their armor of frost." - Tom Robbins

My Journal Juju for today is what doubts would I like to have erased? What would I write in their place once they ARE erased?

1.) Questioning if I am a good mother and wife.
2.) Questioning if I am enough.
3.) Wondering if I was good at my last job.
4.) Thinking I am not educated enough.

1.) Knowing I do my best everyday (Good or Bad) and that I love my Children and Husband.
2.) Know that I can be enough, I can do enough, and I am full able to make my dreams reality.
3.) Replace with the fact that I was well liked, a good person, and always there for the people around me.
4.) Moving forward and educated myself. Whether it be by going to school, taking a class, or reading a book. And know that I am not below others because I didn't go to college.