Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CN Tower Climb....

Last year I climbed the CN Tower. For those of you that don't know the CN Tower is one of the largest free-standing structures in the world. It is very similar to the Space Needle for comparison. It is a 1,776 step climb to the top! Last year I did it with little training in 56 minutes! Though this year I hope to just finish again (You really don't have any choice once you start you have to finish) I do hope I can do better then the previous year!

This climb is not just for fun though! It is for the support of the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). A fantastic group who's work helps support animals all over the world.

Please if you can help support not only my climb but the WWF and donate. If you can't donate money, then your time in the climb or in volunteering for the event itself! There are many ways to give back!

Thank you for your support in any way you can give it!

More Information on the Climb
Personal Support Page

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