Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rainbow of Doors....

I love old doors painted beautiful colors! I am inspired by all of these...

Orange Door

I think the location says it all.... Nova Scotia...

Can't say I've ever seen too many pink doors!

Purple! Purple barn doors are very Southwestern to me!

Beautiful old Church like doors!

Green and inside too!

Perfect garden cottage door!

Remind me of Southern or South American doors!

Black door, red brick.


  1. I really love old doors, or just doors with some character. I found you blog by searching pink doors- enjoy!

  2. I always find vintage doors fascinating. I don’t know, but it gives me that kind of feeling of wanting to look back in the past. As I try to look at it, I think of how time has gone by and reminisce on the things that happened in the past. It’s great to see that even if decades have passed, these doors are still standing great, and continue being part of people’s lives.

    Francisco Close