Tuesday, December 22, 2009


In high school I had a writing class and a teacher who had us write anything for like ten minutes of a day to just get things out. Today I have been stuck on David Tennant. I have repetitive dreams about him. In different roles, sometimes playing characters, sometimes not. I find his acting extremely wonderful. He has hamlet coming out on BBC on the 26th of Dec and I saw a clip of one of his monologues. I like Shakespeare, but there is something about his acting that just took it to another level for me. Something that I think has been missing on and off. I used to write poetry, once upon a time. I can barely even remember how I did that or how I put myself out there like that. For me being a Leo I don't always like to be in the spot light. Yet I do like positive attention. I guess I am a mix of my mental necroses and background. Here is to not passing all of those traits onto my children. Trying to find the time to listen to my own mind is not easy. Right now Liam is bugging me to use the computer and Jack is watching cartoons. She house is a mess and my Mom comes tomorrow. And yet my mind keeps going back to my dreams last night. Something between Dr. Who and Hamlet. I feel like there were hints of some romance in it but I can't pinpoint it. Maybe it's just that there is something charismatic about the characters and the actor. Who knows! I wouldn't mind diving into that world occasionaly...

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  1. O.K. I don't even know who David Tennant is. ??? Better get cleaning if mom comes tomorrow! Ha! Have a good visit and a wonderful Christmas!