Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Me with No Fear....

I think fear holds me back quite a bit. Fear of being judged, of disappointing others, of being a 'bad' mother, of being a 'bad' spouse, etc. I tend to put everyone first but myself. So part of the idea of living without fear would be to put myself first. I think I would live abroad, I would living the country and enjoy a slower pace, I would tell people what I think and not internalize so much. I could create art full of expression and no fears of what others think of it. I could paint the walls in my house whatever color I want. I think I would have a room that is Pink, and one green, and one blue, and one orange. I would be the one that people would be drawn to visit and be part of my life instead of the other way around. I would stand tall and dress how I want and have crazy hair if I felt like it. I would be free of the barriers I allowed myself to put up and I let society tell me I should. I would write more, dance more, play more. I would travel, see all the things I dream about seeing... Egypt, England, Scotland.... I would learn to rock climb, I would take classes for the hell of it to learn more. I would get a degree. I would get a job. It is amazing how much fear drives us either to something or from it.


  1. I follow your blog! How are you? I will enter you twice! Hope all is well!

  2. hehe, thanks! :) I am good for the most part. Getting back into the swing of things!