Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Nothing is more beautiful than the lovelines of the woods before sunrise." - George W. Carver

The Island of the Day Before....

When I see that I think of this picture. This was taken by national geographic in northern Scotland. An area where little to no people live anymore. It is a place in the world full of history and beauty and yet so untouched by modern man. I imagine it is cold, with the winds off the ocean, pouring over the mountain tops, beautiful cold blue breezes. I see the stones of broken, unused cottages that have stood for hundreds of years. Built by a hardy community of people who obviously found beauty in a rough terrain. The sky is similar to Oregon's skies, cloudy, overcast, but full of the mist that makes everything so green. I feel the whole world in the air. The history of time, the hope of community, the sadness of loss, and an unknown faith in all around me. I hear the mumblings of space, vast, open space, and the footprint of those that walked this land.

Here is to breathing deeply.

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