Friday, May 15, 2009


Life can get so slow sometimes. And yet so fast. I think I realized one of my many hangups or problems is that I don't have a plan, or goal, or direction in some ways. I stay at home with my kids. When they go to school what will I do? Meh? I have no clue. I didn't go to college, didn't have any great career before having kids, didn't have a focus. I am scared to death of the idea of not moving forward but at the same time I think that is just what I am doing.

How do you find your focus and figure out a way to make it happen? How do you find what you love and make it work? When do you find the energy to be that person? That person you see yourself being but aren't yet? Lots of questions but no answers.

Things I love:
Interior Design

Things I don't like:
Everything about my last job
Not being enough

Any ideas?

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