Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's Name: Clean House Day?

Maybe it will be clean house day. When the kids are both sleeping and I can vacuum for the last time today (That would be time number...eight maybe). Good news is that the Blue Jays are winning again finally!

Daily Soul Vitamin:
Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. - Rachel Carson

This quote makes me feel at home with the rain, and makes me want to walk along quiet beaches barefoot. I miss the beach, the wind, and the mountains.

Toast of the Day:
Here's to standing at the edge of the sea feeling the knowledge of the earthly eternal.

Almost every memory I have of feeling truly connected involves the earth. Sitting on a beach, hiking in the woods, camping. My favorite memory is of my last camping trip to Algonquin Park. My in-laws and significant others went on a hiking/canoeing trip. It was wondering. The longest portage (which was over 2 KM) was a hard hike. Harder for those that had canoes on their heads mind you. When I finally reached the end, we zig-zagged our way through a mash, and climbed a large hill. The hill it turned out was an abadonned rail road track. At we reached the top, there was the lake, and the cool wind hit us. Which was a wonderful change from the 90+ degree's and all the sweat dripping off of us. We sat on the bank of sand for a while and just took in the beautiful long lake and suroundings. There is something about that very moment when you realized where you were, and how every part of you felt that I felt connected to everything. I saw the whole picture, I felt it. I really want to go back there.

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